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Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [entries|friends|calendar]
The Incorrigible

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[28 Jul 2008|02:13am]
So I totally just tried to learn stick shift using marc's car, drunk....and I knocked over Brian's bike. Opps!

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[07 Jul 2008|11:57am]
Livejournal is boring when I'm not around.
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[27 Apr 2008|10:48pm]
My phone is DEAD DEAD DEAD. I can't get it to charge at all. This is particulary distressing because my phone is my only alarm clock and I have a midterm tomorrow morning.
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[27 Apr 2008|12:45am]
I've given up on ethics. Not philosophically but in life. As Michael once said to me "Joey, I really hope that your philosophical interests don't lie in ethics, because you are the most unethical person I know." Well, I let him down once again.

In other news, readers of French should lire cette cantaloupeCollapse )
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[07 Apr 2008|02:41am]
On peut boire du lait avec une tasse, mais on ne peut pas couper du bois avec un chat.

With that being said...well really, that's all that needs to be said.
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[02 Apr 2008|11:12pm]
I would like to present to you a list of "Things which will make me happy" which I did not write, but was left at my studio by another dear friend who will remain anonymous.

The list goes as follows:
-Read more fanfiction
-Learn to play D&D
-Read more slash fanfiction
-Improve Magic the Gathering abilities
-Keep up with webcomics

I might be killed for this. Or at least harassed on a more frequent basis.
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[12 Mar 2008|07:45pm]
I've finally overcome the first wave of madness that is finals. All I have left to do is about 5 pages in French, another 12-15 page essay that's due next week, and makeup 10 weeks worth of journal entries (which is also due next week).

Wait, that's a lot for being ALL THAT'S LEFT. Fuck. What happened to Spring break?

In other news, my friend Germ (who many of you know) was published today in this daily short-fiction online magazine writing under the pseudonym of Nathan Trader. Read it!

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[10 Mar 2008|06:01pm]
If you were going out with your mom and a few of her friends to celebrate her 50th birthday, what bars would you take her to? Downtown bars are a plus.
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[08 Mar 2008|07:16pm]
Ok, at times I'm a total cheeseball and can't help get all gushy, soft-hearted and such. Watching this video prompted one of those moments.

Don't read my translation. It sounds so much better in French.Collapse )

Ok, maybe it's just the hot shirtless men singing in French.
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[06 Mar 2008|01:27am]
So I have about 45 pages in papers to write within the next week, give or take a few. In other words, I'm dropping off the face of the planet for the next 7 days.
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[29 Feb 2008|09:52pm]
Just so everyone knows, my mom reads this. Granted, she doesn't have a livejournal of her own and thus only sees the public entries (there's a reason why many of my entries are not public). I felt like mentioning this because we had a brief conversation about it today out of her telling me that the picture I recently posted had a very 50's feel to it. She reads your comments to.

(Oh, I can already see le peuple saying "Hi Joey's mom!")
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[26 Feb 2008|07:42pm]
So in light of some recent dissent, and also because I find it particularly interesting, here's some statistics off of a recent poll:

When Democrats were asked about the general election, the New York Times-CBS News poll showed Obama had the best chance of beating Sen. John McCain -- 59 percent to Clinton's 28 percent.

And it's not just Democrats.

The USA Today-Gallup poll asked Republicans which Democrat would McCain have a better chance of beating.

The answer: Clinton 66 percent, Obama 18 percent.

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[25 Feb 2008|08:45pm]

I have never looked so cool before. Start smoking people! It makes you look cool!

EDIT: So I have to mention something quite hilarious now. Less than 10 minutes after I posted this, Germ calls me up because he's trying to quit smoking and as someone who has quit smoking for an extended time before, he thought I might be of some help. Let it be known, I am no help whatsoever.
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[10 Feb 2008|03:20pm]
I present to you the "quick texts" that are programmed in my new phone, because frankly, they're hilarious:

1. What's up?
2. Lets meet.
3. Take a hike.
4. Check this out!
5. Whacha doing?
6. This is for dinner.
7. What do you think?
8. Can you see me now?
9. Come home and get it.
10. Can't live like this here.
11. You've gotta be here to enjoy this.
12. Would you like to join me for a date tonight?

Are these really the most common things that people text?

PS. I'm noticing just now that they seem to be organized by length in my phone. Odd.
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[09 Feb 2008|12:26pm]

Egon Schiele


Apparently there's a resemblance here. Thoughts?
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[28 Jan 2008|08:46am]
When I wake up in the morning, I want to hear more news like this:

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[22 Jan 2008|12:27am]
So here's my Onion horoscope: Misery may love company, but it's been over a month now that you've been crashing on its couch, and, well, you're really starting to bum misery out.

Sorry Marc.
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[20 Jan 2008|10:10pm]
I am wildly bored at the current moment, so I'm going to amuse myself by recreating the popular book meme.

Grab the closest book to you, turn it to page 156 and type out the 6th sentence there.

"To ask God to give us the gift of time is to ask for the most eye-opening moments and to expose us to the most impossible, unforeseeable things."
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[19 Jan 2008|10:27pm]
Citing Plato is nuts. Please refer to 85c9-d1, 85d3-7, 85c2-7, 84a4-b2 and 84a2-3 for further explanation.
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[26 Nov 2007|02:16pm]
Here are those strike pictures that I promised oh so long ago.Collapse )
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